Generac Generators - A Name You Can Trust

Our lives depend on power, making a generator a tool that anyone can use. A Generac generator is one of the most trusted names in the business, providing thousands with a backup power source to maintain their daily lives when electricity fails. You can depend on your Generac generators anytime, and can even choose a generator that goes on automatically.

Generac Generators are Durable, Valuable, and Cost Effective

Your Generac generator was built to last, and can easily provide three thousand hours of backup power, or about thirty years of standard service. Your generator can be set to standby for a power outage to reduce the amount of time that your family sees during a blackout. An automatic standby generator is a good choice if you prefer outside storage, and you can choose to run this type of generator on natural gas rather than gasoline.

Portable generators are also a good option. These types of generators generally run on gasoline, and should be stored in a protective area out of the elements. Your Generac-generator will be able to run up to sixteen circuits, depending on the specific model that you choose. Some families find that eight circuits are enough to live comfortably, even when there are power losses of several weeks.

Your Generac generator is also protected from overload by a circuit breaker that will flip if the energy needs become too great. This can protect your generator from damage, but if you find that you do need Generac-generator parts, you can easily purchase these online. Your owner's manual can help you identify the replacement parts that you need to purchase for your specific make and model.

A commercial Generac-generator is also an excellent investment that can protect your business in the case of an outage. Not only will you be protected from sales losses during a power outage, you will also maintain the integrity of your security systems and any refrigerated goods that you have. Commercial generators are also ideal if you own a very large home, or have more than one building to provide energy to.

Generac Generators offer a Safe and Simple Alternative Energy Source

Your Generac generator is a safe alternative power source that can be installed easily. You can choose an automatic generator, which will flip on automatically in the case of a power outage, to provide up to 70 kilowatts of power for commercial businesses or large homes. Most people find that an eight or sixteen circuit generator is a choice that allows them to live comfortably, even when there is a power outage for an extended time.

Generac-generator parts can extend the life of the reliable generator, as well. Your regular maintenance may include running your generator once a month to ensure the generator will run smoothly when you need it most. Your automatic backup energy source means that you can stay indoors when the weather has caused a power outage, while still enjoying the benefits of a fully powered home.


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